Class Schedule

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Class Changes:

Friday’s 10:30am class is canceled for now. Please watch this space for new offerings.

 Morning Vinyasa @ 6am:  $6 @6AM : Tuesdays & Thursdays with Melissa, Wednesdays with Michael. Cash only for these specially-priced classes, or class passes can be used.


Please check our online schedule to view these changes.



 Everyone is welcome.

Please dress in comfortable, loose fitting clothing. Plan to arrive at least ten minutes early.
  Practice is more effective when heavy meals are avoided prior to practice.

Winter Weather Information: Please note that when the Royal Oak Schools are closed for inclement weather, the studio will be closed.  On such days, please check the online schedule for class cancellations before coming.

Class Descriptions

BABY & ME is postnatal yoga for parents with babies 10-months old and younger. It is designed to balance and restore the physical needs of new mothers and their babies. Please bring extra blankets.


DONATION YOGA is a GENTLE/ESSENTIAL yoga class taught by a different teacher every week. Everyone is welcome. Consider giving what you can from $0-$10.


ENERGETIC classes are for those students who want to move or delve more deeply into the intricacies of their yoga practice. Our invigorating flow classes offer challenging sequences that are designed to de-stress while developing strength, flexibility, internal heat (tapas), and awareness.


ESSENTIAL classes emphasize foundations—essential yoga principles that free the body and mind from habitual patterns and tension. In these classes, all students—even the most seasoned—can be challenged and can find inner balance and peace.


GENTLE classes are designed for everyone, and they restore balance in a gentle, meditative way.


KUNDALINI yoga is a systematic and graceful way of building up your energy. Kundalini energy is the flowering of one’s potential, and its awakening is a healthy, happy, and sometimes even a holy experience!


PRENATAL yoga brings sensitive focus and gentle attention to the mother-to-be through breathing, physical relaxation, and strengthening.


VINYASA is a traditional early morning practice of sun salutations mixed with a variety of poses. It is an energetic practice that creates heat in the body.