Yin Yoga Teacher Training Intensive

Fall 2013 Yin Yoga Teacher Training

with Lynne Baum, ERYT

Friday Nov. 8th 6-10pm, Saturday Nov. 9th 2-10pm, Sunday Nov. 10th 1-6pm

17 Hour Intensive

Tuition $425

We’re very excited to announce a weekend¬†Yin Yoga Teacher Training¬†in November!

Lynne Baum, ERYT, is leading a 17 hour intensive training at Namaste. Yin yoga targets the hips, lower back and sacral areas of the body. It is a deeply meditative practice.

Yin yoga is precisely what’s needed in our society. Most Americans sit all day, either at a desk, in a car, or in a plane. Sitting in a chair is one of the worst positions for the human body. Lynne will teach you everything you need to know to teach deeply meditative, supportive yin classes. This weekend intensive is open to 200 hour certified yoga teachers.

In this training, you will learn:

  • What is Yin? vs Yang?
  • Anatomy of Yin Yoga
  • Yin Postures & Counter Poses Dissected
  • The Four Directions of the Hips
  • Organs & Meridians of Yin
  • How to Structure a Yin Yoga Class
  • How to Use Props in Yin
  • Proper Atmosphere & Ambience

Please call Lynne Baum, ERYT for more information: (248) 520-1011 or Namaste Yoga: (248) 399-YOGA.