Beth James has been in love with the practice & philosophy of yoga for over a decade. Without sounding cliche, Beth will wholeheartedly tell you that yoga has changed her life.
Seeking to share in her passion and joy for the practice, Beth has been spreading kindness as a teacher for over eight years. 
Having studied astanga, vinyasa and hatha yoga, Beth incorporates a beautiful balance of effort and ease into each one of her classes. Whether in a slow and soothing yin, or a sweaty intense vinyasa, students can count on creative, intuitive flows, soulful music as well as yogi philosophy mixed with personal insight and FUN!
~~ When not practicing on the mat, Beth can be found doing almost anything outdoors in nature, sharing vegan delights in the kitchen, and loving life with her family: her yogi musician partner, Jojo the Husky, and their newest yogini: daughter Aura Lavender.