The Top 10 Reasons to Attend Prenatal Yoga

Is your first yoga class Prenatal Yoga? So many women find themselves going to yoga for the first time during pregnancy! It's the perfect opportunity to stay active, relieve stress and learn more about you. Prenatal Yoga offers countless benefits, but here are my top reasons to get to class. When you make it regularly, you’ll notice the difference for yourself, too!

Top 10 Reasons to Attend Prenatal Yoga

Physical Benefits

Prevent and relieve physical discomfort by mobilizing and improving posture.

Prepare for childbirth. Explore strengthening and grounding postures (asanas) to increase endurance and strength – essential for stamina and commitment in labor and delivery.

Cultivate relaxation through visualization (dharana) and breathing exercises (pranayama.)

Aids in postpartum repair by maintaining and/or improving physical fitness level throughout pregnancy and practicing pelvic floor exercises (mula badha.)

Increases circulation of fluids moving through body and energy flow (i.e. blood flow, prana, etc.)

Sleep more soundly with fewer interruptions.

Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Benefits

Relieve emotional stress to combat depression.

Develop trust in self, baby and process of birthing through mindfulness, along with tapping into “primal” self (pratyahara) and intuition.

Nurture a connection with baby.

Receive support by creating bonds with other expecting moms in the Royal Oak area (kula.)

What has been or was your favorite part of Prenatal Yoga? What was your biggest take away from the classes?


Elise Bowerman is a Registered Yoga Teacher 500 and Registered Prenatal Yoga Teacher through Yoga Alliance. Since 2009 she has been supporting women in their childbearing years through Prenatal Yoga and Baby & Me Yoga classes. Her teachings are infused with mindfulness, conscious living and parenting, along with treating the body as a whole – inside and out through various challenges to create empowered students. Keep up with the latest from Elise on her website

Namaste holds Prenatal Yoga classes every Thursday night at 6:30pm with Lori. Register here!