Dance & Yoga Workshop with Teri Sertic, May 14

“If you just set people in motion they'll heal themselves.” – Gabrielle Roth (1941-2012)

I suspect having the word ‘dance’ in my classes and workshops is a bit off-putting to those that feel like they aren’t dancers. I’ve always liked the challenge of that, but I could see if a workshop had ‘sing’ in it I might break out in hives and bare my teeth in distress. You see, I believe we all have movement in us, and it isn’t my wish to trick you into attending. I don’t promise weight loss or sheer joy- I offer an invitation for you to do something that either calls you deeply or peaks you into curiosity. 

What I am sure of in my bones is that you are safe to try this in the container that I create. I take what I do very seriously and not seriously at all. I value your curiosity, your time and your courage if it is something that makes you nervous or cautious. I absolutely love you and love that you are here on the planet. You will know that when you are in my presence. 

Hello! My name is Teri and I am an eclectic wonderment. I have taught different movement classes for over 10 years and am a shamanic healing mentor. I am free of religion, free of prejudice, free of judgment (okay, mostly!). I am empathic, intuitive and a divorced mama of 3. I have been on the deepest soul journey for many years, in the darkest of dark places of my being. There have been times that movement has been too much for me, and times where movement has saved me. 

First of all – I am NOT a trained dancer. I did not grow up in dance, and it’s not my calling to have a dance studio or teach every day. The calling that came to me was about Feminine Awakening. This was before I knew what that was, or what spiritual callings were. This was before my awareness of intuition or knowledge of my innate gifts (you are welcome to check them out on my website:  

There is a great call for sleeping women to wake. Many have, but many are still in their slumber, fearful of the repercussions of coming into themselves fully and harnessing a power so great that yes, mountains will move. 

How does dance come into play? 

Dance has been used for healing, ceremony, celebrations, rituals and of course entertainment. For way too many years, women have been degraded and shamed in their beautiful bodies, and we have collectively stored so much shame, guilt, trauma, grief and abuse in our bodies. What dance and mindful movement does is allow you a space to be fully IN your body, conscious to what is there. Instead of digging into the psychology of your story and unfolding your mind to understand why you are the way you are, dance/movement begins to awaken those dormant, stagnant mounds of trapped energy in your body and starts to shake them free. You don’t even have to think about it! 

Is that possible? 

Oh hell yes. 

Your body has innate healing abilities. When we start shutting down certain things in the womb, as a baby, as a child, as a woman – we hold tight to protect ourselves. While this is a brilliant adaptive skill we have, but it no longer serves us as we become adults and start the journey of being our own caretakers. These blocks of energy within us will create patterns in our life that may not feel in alignment to who we long to be, how we long to express. 

The women that have attended my classes and workshops have shared stories with me of healed fertility issues, sexual abuse trauma, periods that were on hold for a long time, sexual healing, weight loss, relationship healing and more. 

Like I said, it’s not ME designing this. It’s what comes through me to provide for you. 

What does that entail? 

So a typical class has EPIC music. I feel the call to have a mix of modern, relatable music mixed with some oldies and tunes you haven’t heard. I like to get you grounded and centered in your body, breathing and visualizing with your eyes closed to bring you fully into yourself. The stretching is where the movement starts. It’s so very opening and you are guided to breathe deeply into each stretch with love and care. 

The actual dance moves are designed to open up your hips, your lower three chakras specifically. I like to give you moves that have belly dance elements to stir up the kundalini energy and wake up how your body wants to move. We have a few songs that are ‘free dance’ time in which I ask that you dance for yourself. During this time we limit eye contact and touch to none or very minimum. The reason for this is so you can stay fully with YOU. If you talk, touch or stare at someone, it could disrupt their experience. Women have raged, wept, stomped, stretched, and fairy trotted across the room. FREEDOM. Then we will bring it back to our places to slowly stretch things out and breathe back into our bodies. 

Yes, it is such a great workout. You will feel so alive, so elated. You will also hear music differently and feel more urges to move to songs when you are out and about. My hope is that you have a newfound excitement added to your life. 

I believe that we are evolving so rapidly, and that dance could be a catalyst for really metabolizing all that is moving in and around us. Like the exquisite art of yoga, coming home to yourself is where you’ll remember your magnificence. Dance has a unique ability to connect us to our inherent beauty at every stage of life – it is truly a multi-generational dance allowing a female to travel gracefully and joyously from girl to grandmother.

I can’t wait to meet you.