Cheryl Larson, E-RYT, CEYT

Cheryl came to teaching after over a decade of practice to share what yoga has given her. Her practice has assisted in repairing physical, emotional and energetic injuries and misalignments. A firm believer that “energy goes where energy flows”, her practice and teaching strengthens awareness of what kind of energy is going where and how we can use that energy to find balance. “When our own light burns brighter, it affects everyone we come in contact with.”

Cheryl teaches Eischens and Hatha Yoga, with a strong focus on alignment and therapeutics. Biomechanically precise alignment can result in a practice that enables the body to “function most efficiently within the planes it was intended (J.H.L.)”. This physical efficiency leads the energetic, emotional and cognitive aspects of the self to align, resulting in a more optimal and healthy total being.

Cheryl has been teaching since 2009. She is an E-RYT and Certified Eischens Yoga Teacher, she holds a MFA from The University of British Columbia.