One moment now may give us more than fifty years of reason; our minds shall drink at every

pore the spirit of the season – William Wordsworth


I began practicing Yoga 15 years ago at Namasté. While there have been periods of time when I

have strayed from my mat, something always brings me back to this space of peace and serenity

– a space that is just for me. I believe that to find peace in the world one must also find peace

within the self. Yoga has taught me to be patient with my body, my mind, and the world I share.

Yoga keeps me grounded when I need grounding, and supports my desire to explore the ever-

changing boundaries of my mind and body. I hope to share this love for exploration with my

students, and to guide them to their own space of comfort and peace.


I have an M.A. in English from Oakland University, and I have a passion for both teaching and

learning. I am a lifelong resident of Royal Oak, and I live and love with my husband and two