Lynne Baum, ERYT

Lynne began practicing yoga in 1996 while in Art School in Fort Lauderdale, FL. In her first class she knew she wanted to teach.She graduated in 1999 and returned to Michigan to discover Namaste Yoga where she received her 200 hour training. 6 months later she was the proud owner of her first studio, Moksha Yoga, in Minnesota. In four years Lynne taught over 2000 yoga classes to the beautiful people of Bemidji, included 3 surrounding Native American Tribes. In 2005 it was time to be the student again, so she traveled to India and instantly fell in love with the country and it's people! After 3 months of traveling solo, studying with incredible yoga masters and saints, Lynne returned to Michigan to help her father make his transition, a feat that only her yoga practice and travels could have prepared her for.

Since 2001 Lynne has taught over 8000 classes. Yoga taught her how to trust her own instincts and to live from her heart. This is what you will learn in her classes. "Yoga opens us up to the possibilities of our lives. It helps us get unstuck! This is how we become authentic!" Lynne teaches a dynamic Vinyasa to rocking tunes with slow steady moves, as well as a grounding Yin Yoga practice. Lynne takes students to India and Costa Rica on spiritual journeys and also trains Yin Yoga teachers at Namaste and across the U.S.