Melissa Weber, RYT

I'm starting to find some balance and courage in this up and down thing called life. I have a dedicated practice to yoga to thank for it. I have the philosophies of yoga that help me manage my thoughts and my emotions with more grace. (Though I crash and burn here and there – I just don’t beat myself up for as long.) I have a physical practice that allows me to appreciate all of me, edges and limitations. I know that I can connect with the energies that keep me moving forward, and release the stuff I’ve been holding on so tightly to. I’m learning to love the bumps the more I realize it’s all rigged in my favor. So says Rumi. 


I have always been a seeker, I just didn’t always know what I was looking for. I found my first yoga class about 25 years ago, then yoga found me again about 8 years ago. And I swear, after 200hr RYT training at Namaste, I thought I’d simply return to my work as a writer in advertising - just a little more enlightened. It wasn’t as if I was warned. The sages speak about it, how once you get a glimpse of your true self there’s no turning back. It’s not easy, this getting to know me thing. Teaching has helped. I’ve been turning towards teaching yoga for nearly 3 years now, and in essence turning in towards myself. So I learned by caring for my self, I can care better for others. Whoa. That was a mind blow. It’s no wonder then that my passions have collided. My nearly 50 years on the planet, my 25 year’s in advertising as a creative director and writer and now yoga have launched me into a business of my own called, YogiStoned - a yoga & meditation inspired clothing line. Just like yoga, both are designed to help us reconnect to our true self. It’s that unconditional love you have for yourself that you simply learn to forget about. 


I know that what I’ve been seeking all this time is my own self acceptance, to love who I am. Aren’t we all? But if you don’t know who you truly are, it’s hard to accept or even warm up to such a stranger. The real you is in there. I promise. Keep seeking. 


Wholeheartedly, Melissa